VSAT Configuration

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Typologies of configuration selection are based on these factors:

  • structure of network information flow
  • link quality and capacity requirement
  • transmission delay

VSAT Point-to-Point
VSAT Point-to-Point uses Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) technology. This type is usually used in wide bandwidth applications such as communication between head office and factory or large branch office. It can also be used for data communication and phone lines. Examples of company utilizing VSAT are oil and mining companies.

VSAT Point-to-Multipoint
VSAT Point-to-Multipoint employs TDM/TDMA technology. It is commonly used in corporation with application characterized by centralized data, large data outbound (from head office) and small data inbound. Data transmission must be established through Hub or main control station. Some of fields using this technology are Banking, Government, Leasing, Postal office etc.

Point-to-Multipoint configuration is commonly formed in Star or Mesh type.

Mesh Configuration
Using DAMA/TDMA, this mesh configuration enables direct communication from one point to another. Its usually found in telephone and data lines.

STAR Configuration
STAR Configuration is an enhancement of TDM/TDMA with outbound channel up to 40 Mbps (megabytes per second). Its application needs asymmetrical large bandwidth. This configuration is reliable and able to reduce transmission delay time. It is commonly used for internet connection purpose.

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