Ubuntu Story Part 1

04 Apr

Masalah menjalankan file mkv, setelah jalan beberapa menit tiba-tiba program quit sendiri. Coba solusi pengalaman dibawah ini:

    Problem playing .mkv formats on Ubuntu 10.04.3

I just installed Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS yesterday, so I am exteremely new to Ubuntu. I installed it over my Windows XP.
So, I am having troubles playing .mkv formats, it plays for a short time (1-5 min) then suddenly quits. It has no problem with .avi, or .mp3 so it is just this one format. I have tried the movie player that comes with Ubuntu, and VLC, and MPlayer, because I saw other threads with those working. I saw a couple of other thread about using a terminal, and I don’t know how to do this. So, if anyone could help me fix this, if you could spell it out for me that would be great.

Open an terminal and try the following:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

The files that you are trying to play require pieces of software that, while free, are illegal in some countries to be packaged with the OS.

Selain itu coba dengan cara ini:
here is my advice on Video:
1) install the mediubuntu repositories
2) install ubuntu-restricted-extras
3) install vlc
4) mplayer/smplayer or umplayer from PPAs (not the repos)., in terms of players, Totem (the built in movie player) is the best integrated into the desktop so it is a good solid player for general use.SMPplayer/UMPlayer are good front–ends for mplayer. mplayer backend is teh best available, and will deal well (as well as possible) with dense or HD content.

VLC is your player of last resort. it plays almost anything, but plays almost nothing well. it will not help you with lag from HD processing.

vid card driver also has a big impact on performance. if you have an NVIDIA card, then look into VDPAU, to force high-res processing to take place on your GPU not your CPU.

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