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16 Mei

facebook page

Here I am going to show you how to create and add the Facebook fan page in to the blogger blog. just follow the simple steps to add Facebook fan page inside blogger blog

1. Create the Facebook page here 

2.Open that link and add all the information and add your site details and add fan page picture. 

3.Now from the admin penal go to manage and select EDIT PAGE. 

facebook page 2

4.Now just click on resources and in resources click on “use social plugins ” 

facebook page 3

5. Now just add the LINK of your Facebook page. (I have highlighted the place with yellow color where you need to add your Facebook fan page’s link )

facebook page 6

6. Add your Facebook LINK and set your page like this. 

facebook page 7

7. After setting your fan page widget appearance just click on Get Code.

8. Now you can see that you got 2 codes see in the figure. 

facebook page 8
9. Now login to your blogger account and go to dashboard > Design > Edit HTML and find <body> (find it using ctrl + f) 

now just below <body> paste the 1st code and save your template. 

And add the second code where you want to show your Facebook fan page. 


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