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Five simple keys to building solid teams

Ask any supervisor, manager, or leader what is necessary for building a solid, dedicated team, and you’re likely to get a wide range of answers. The reason? People value different aspects of teamwork. Individual preferences and comfort zones affect what people believe to be important.

I’m no different. But as a consultant and management skills trainer, I have the benefit of having worked with hundreds of teams over the past twenty years, across a wide spectrum of industries.

That doesn’t make my opinion the last stop on the road of teambuilding wisdom, but it does afford me the opportunity to see that some factors are needed across all businesses and industries.

What might shock some readers is that most of these five components are surprisingly simple. So simple that it’s easy to say “no kidding!” But I list these “simple” factors because so often when I ask teams what they would like from their supervisors, these keep coming up.
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